JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Cat


Welcome to day four of this daily Halloween themed challenge.

31 days, 31 topics. Share a photo, drawing, story, poem, quote, etc. every day of October. Each day there will be a new topic, but if you prefer to stray from the topics, as long as your post is Halloween oriented, it counts!

Pumpkin (1)

How to:

  • Create a new blog post that includes a Halloween themed photo, drawing, story, poem, quote, etc.
  • Tag your post #JHC
  • Include a ping back in your post to this page or the daily topic post -or-
  • Share a link to your post here or on the daily topic post
  • Have fun!

Learn more here.

Headlights: Black Cat
Headlights: Black Cat


If you don’t see your post within 48 hours or so of posting let me know. To keep up to date with all the contributions follow #jhc in your reader and take a look at the comments on each topic post.

Daily challenges can get tricky in regards to me coming around to comment, but be patient with me, I will make it to your blog!

(Updated 10/5/16 11:11 PM EST)

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30 thoughts on “JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Cat

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    1. I have a few pictures posting from the house within the Halloween challenge, and I’ll do a post of all the house images toward the end of the month. The webs and dirt have been slow to grow so while I have quite a lot of images of the tarot room and a couple of the porch, etc. I don’t consider it “done” just yet. The carnival will be some time yet. I haven’t finished building it. But I’ll keep updates coming as there are new ones. I need 2 – 3 more ride sets and they’ve become quite hard to come by. Once I get those sorted the rest will be a breeze (sort of). Thanks for checking in!


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